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Ohayo gozaimasu! My name is Emma, but most people call me Myuu. I'm the kind of otaku who likes the not-so-popular anime, such as Nanaka 6/17 and Princess Tutu. I also like South Park, Sonic the Hedgehog, and comedy singers such as Weird Al Yankovic. Don't make fun of me just because I'm a girl. That really pisses me off.

I claimed Super Sonic from Sonic the Comic at sonic_claims
I'm Senoo Aiko/Mirabelle Haywood at the Ojamajo Doremi/Magical DoReMi blogcrew! Join?
I'm Strong Bad at the Homestar Runner blogcrew! Join?
I'm Aisha/Layla at the Winx Club blogcrew! Join?

candybar is addictive love.

♥ The Fairly Oddparents are Love ♥

Stella is Love.


Pixies are love


sonic_rating stamped me as Sonic the Hedgehog! ^_____________^

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furuba_rating stamped me as Kagura!

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winx_beauty stamped me as Musa!

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ojamajo_rating stamped me as Doremi!

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wantafeeling stamped me as Swift Heart Rabbit!

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gash_rating stamped me as Kyanchome!

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sp_rating stamped me as Butters!

This egg hatches on Novenber 1, 2005! Adopt one today!